For Those Who Are About to Graduate/Leave

As the semester end is approaching, we would like to notify users of the moving-out procedure. Basically, you need to return the keys so that the next person can use them.


Subject to those who graduate this semester (before September 2022)

Please follow the steps below:

  • Notify us by
    including the following information:
    • Your name, your lab, and seat number
    • Whether you STAY or LEAVE
    • The date you leave

Send us the email anytime (but at least 2 weeks before you go)

  • You need to complete/check the following:
    • Check: you have enough keys (nothing missing)
    • Clean: your desk and surrounding area (if there are stains, or damage, tell us)
    • □ Take all your personal belongings (if you have big trash that needs removal, tell us)
    • □ Fill in the Alumni Network form.
  • Upon receiving your notification email, we will contact you and set up an appointment for you to return the keys and complete the move-out procedure.

It’s a simple procedure, and we hope you will follow suit. We also prepare small gifts/souvenirs for those who leave, so your corporation is deeply appreciated.

If you are a Master, proceeding to Ph.D., and want to extend the seat usage, you need to extend your membership. Do only Step 1 above and skip step 2.


  • You can only receive back the deposit when you return the keys
  • Please clean your desk and leave no belongings. We may charge you additional cleaning fees.
  • If you leave without notification, we may have to inform your professor. 

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