(Jan 7) Workshop With Harvard Business School & Local Entrepreneurs (DL: Dec 25)

Students from The Harvard Business School will come to Sendai and do a workshop with local entrepreneurs. Students who can speak English well are encouraged to join us in this event. This will be an excellent opportunity for TU students to get to know both HSB students with rich business experiences and entrepreneurs from the Tohoku region.

DateSaturday, January 7, 2023
Time10:30 AM
Meet at 10:30am at Kawauchi Campus.
We all take taxis (paid by TU) together 
Venue (to gather)Kawauchi Campus
Registration Formhttps://forms.gle/yPaHGGpt9cVDgxmt7
First come, first serve basis (10 slots)
DEADLINEDecember 25, 2023 (24:00)


   11:30-12:00  Welcome message from Sendai City Mayor (市長)/ Social Entrepreneurship in Tohoku after 311  

   12:00-13:00  Group mentoring session 1 

   13:00-14:00  Group mentoring session 2

   14:00-14:30  Wrap-up session (to be moderated by Prof. Takeuchi and TAKE)


44 Harvard Business School students with experience working at top companies for 5-10 years         

10 Entrepreneurs from the Tohoku area                   

10 interpreters working at leading companies in Japan. Some of them are bilingual                   

10 Tohoku University students as observers and secretaries (Minute-taking) 

Tohoku University students are expected to take notes, summarize them and share them with the group later. They can check the contents with the group members from time to time but should respect the fact that the discussion time is limited. One or two representatives of TU can say a few words of reflection at the end of the session if time allows. 


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