(May 27 – 28) JEA Meeting Spring 2023 (DL: Jan 31, 2023)

The Japan Economic Association is pleased to announce that the 2023 Spring Meeting will be held as
follows. We look forward to the participation of our members and all those concerned.

Meeting Details
Date: May 27 (Saturday)–May 28 (Sunday), 2023
Venues: All events are online
Holding School: Nanzan University

Applications for the presentation of general reports, poster reports, or organization of planning
sessions are accepted as follows:

Application Guidelines

  1. Only members (including provisional members) of the Japan Economic Association can apply.
  2. General and poster reports will be presented by the member who made the application. If you are
    not a member and wish to apply, please apply for membership first and become a provisional member. There is also a membership fee reduction for students. For details, please refer to the “Membership Information” of the Japan Economic Association at the following URL:
  3. Student members are only allowed to present poster reports. However, if you are a student in the
    year of the presentation, you can pay the regular membership fee (12,000 yen) for that year without receiving a fee reduction and presenting a general report.
  4. The application period is from January 17 (Tuesday), 2023, to January 31 (Tuesday), 2023, at 17:00. Please apply from the Member My Page during the application period.
  5. As a rule, each person is limited to one application. Please apply for any one of the general
    reports, poster reports, or organization of planning sessions. Even if you are involved as a co-author in a report submitted by someone else, that report will not be included in the number of
    your application. General presenters and poster presenters are not allowed to be speakers (i.e., presenters, discussants, chairpersons, panelists, etc.) in the planning sessions.
  6. Please be aware that the Program Committee will accept or reject report papers based on the
    material submitted at the time of the application. If a report is judged to be incomplete, it will not be accepted.
  7. For other details, please refer to “Confirmation Items Regarding General and Poster Presentations” and “Confirmation for Planned Sessions” on the website below. If you apply, it is assumed that you have already agreed to the confirmation items. Please read them carefully.
  8. The Program Committee will contact you in February regarding acceptance or rejection and session assignments. Please note that we may not be able to meet your requests for session assignments or reporting dates due to program organization.
  9. Members of the Japan Economic Association who will present a general or poster report or speak at a planning session are requested to pay the membership fee for the fiscal year 2023 between April 5 and April 30, 2023. Those who wish to be exempted from paying the membership fee must submit a certificate of enrollment for the fiscal year 2023 before payment.

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