The First DATEcon Awards 2023 Results

On February 15, 2023, the First DATEcon Awards has been held at the Multidisciplinary Building from 13:00 until 17:00.  

We have received in total 8 working papers in Economics and Management. Each paper was sent and assigned to a Professor for review to improve the papers and make them more publish-ready.

On the day of the event, we received attendance from Professor Akita Jiro, Professor Akira Hibiki, Professor Shiro Hioki, Professor Heejin KIM, Assistant Professor Li Yinxing, Assistant Professor Nguyen Kim-Ngan from the Faculty of Economics, Tohoku University. In addition, we also received special attendance from Assistant Professor Gabriel Fuentes Cordoba from Sophia University and Assistant Professor Zhi-xiao Jia from Keio University. In addition, many graduate students joined the event and listened to the presenters.

The Best Economics Paper award was given to Zhang Shutong, with the paper titled “Regional Policies’ Impacts on Urban Migration: Evidence from Special Economic Zones in China”, while the Best Management Paper was given to Feng Youxin, with the paper titled “How Can Chinese Elder-care Social Enterprise Build and Sustain Public Trust?: A case study of Chinese elder-care social enterprise”. The Second Best Paper was awarded to Ambar Lineth Chavez Espinosa with a paper titled “Impact of Climate Change on Minorities and Farmer’s Consumption: Evidence from Panama”. The other 5 presenters also did a brilliant job in delivering their research results to the audience.

Overall, the event was well received. Since all the papers are in the pre-submission stage, the comments prove to be valuable. INSEIKAI Tohoku tried to invite professors of each paper’s specific field in order to receive the most relevant comments and reviews. The event was also a good chance for graduate students, alumni, and professors to get to know each other better and engage in deeper research collaboration in the future.

The success of this event was brought about by collaborative teamwork by Inseikai Steering Members, including Tran Quang-Thanh (representative), Niklas Uliczka, Rashed Nedal Al Jayousi, Hosoi Takuma, Zhang Ye, Tang Lingyu, Christian Rodriguez, Petr Mikhalev, Ivo Hans Willem Van Loo, Feng Youxin, and Sophia.

The event also received great support and endorsement from Professor Shiro Hioki, Professor Akira Hibiki, the Dean – Professor Naoki Odanaka, and the Graduate School of Economics, Tohoku University. Financial support from the Shigemitsu Sunaga Support Fund was vital for the success of this event.

We look forward to the Second DATEcon Awards 2024 next year.

Some photos


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