Apply for a Seat


We are accepting applications for a Research Seat. Please follow these steps

  1. Fill in the Application Form:

  2. Participate in the Key Distribution Event.

    You will pay your deposit and membership fees then, so please prepare the money.
  3. Join our LINE Community Group.
  4. Procedure for Leaving.


Tuesday, April 11, 2023 (24:00 JST)

If you miss the deadline, you must wait until the next semester’s application period.

There are 2 buildings you can apply for.

  • The C-14 Bld. (Graduate School of Education – New Humanities Building) with 2 big lab rooms
  • The C-13 Bld. (Graduate School of Arts and Letters Building) with 5 small Lab rooms.

Check this map if you don’t know where the buildings are located.