Special Seminar: What are the roles of government for facilitating high-tech industries (Jul. 28 16:20)

Lecturer: Prof. Tomoo Marukawa

Title: What are the roles of government for facilitating high-tech industries ? Focusing on policies facilitating semiconductor, EV, and automatic driving in China.

Date: July 28th. 16:20-17:50

Location: The conference room on the 4th floor in the main Econs. building


Google Meet URLhttps://meet.google.com/vtq-crwz-mgz

Note: The meeting will be held both online and face-to-face. You can select either of them. If you prefer the face-to-face meeting in the conference room, please bring your laptop or tablet. And be sure to wear a mask on you.

Lecturer Introduction: Tomoo Marukawa, Professor at the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo, is one of Japan’s leading researchers on the Chinese economy, with a wide range of research areas focusing on the Chinese economy and industrial economy. His many publications include “The Dynamics of Market Emergence: The Chinese Economy in Transition” (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization), “Modern Chinese Industry: The Strength and Fragility of Rising Chinese Enterprises” (Chuokoron Shinsha), “Chinese Dream: Popular Capitalism Changes the World” (Chikuma Shobo), and “Modern Chinese Economy” (Yuhikaku). Gendai Chugoku Keizai Series 3: Labor Market Tectonic Shift (Nagoya University Press, 2003), for which he received the 2003 Ohira Masayoshi Memorial Prize.


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